Dealing with car troubles

Japanese cars are of good quality and very durable. Also, because Japan's land area is small, it is known that people often change trains after only a short distance traveled.
And since many Japanese people are meticulous and love to keep things clean, they often end up being ridden in pristine condition and sold on the used market.

However, a used car is one that has been in the hands of someone at least once.
Even if it looks clean, no one can predict when a failure will occur.

That's why you need to re-understand that it's a used car, and keep in mind that problems may occur in the future.

We try to choose cars that are as unlikely to cause trouble as possible.
We do not purchase products with unclear origins, but instead purchase them from over 140 authorized auction venues across Japan.
That's why we provide our customers with every detail of the information assessed by the auction and the information submitted by the auctioneer.

After purchasing and receiving the product, please connect with the nearest reliable mechanic.

We are currently looking for mechanics around the world to partner with.
If you are a mechanic or have a friend who is a mechanic, please send us a message via Contact Us.
We would like to work with you to introduce you to our website.


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