Import duties

Tariff rates of countries around the world "WorldTariff"

One way to find out tariff rates is through the world tariff information database "WorldTariff," which is provided for a fee by FedEx Trade Networks in the United States.

You can search tariff rates for 178 countries and regions around the world.

In addition to the MFN tariff rates (WTO Agreement tariff rates), GSP (preferential tariff rates) rates are also included.
You can also find out the various taxes (value-added tax, sales tax, liquor tax, etc., depending on the country) that are applied when importing.

For example, regarding customs duties in the USA

2.5% for passenger cars, 25% for trucks, and no duty or 2.4% for motorcycles on the FOB price. For details, please refer to the U.S. Tariff Schedule or "Tariff Rates Around the World."


You can check your country's tariff rate with us using "WorldTariff".

However, since this information is from HP, we cannot guarantee the tariff rate.

Therefore, you should contact "WorldTariff" or your country's customs office or official trade authority to find out for yourself.

That way, you can have more peace of mind.