Compensation and insurance

In the event of accidents during shipping, insurance coverage is available. Please refer to the details below to confirm if your shipping company is eligible for coverage, as specific conditions may vary depending on the carrier.

Additionally, you can track the status of your shipped items using an all-in-one parcel tracking service.


Items shipped by air freight are typically delivered using Japan Post, FedEx, or DHL. Each shipping company has different conditions and amounts for insurance.

Japan Post

When shipping through Japan Post international mail, we use either Small Packet or EMS for delivery.

How to request compensation

With Japan Post, you need to create a "claim request form" and submit it to the post office from which the shipment was sent or the post office responsible for delivery. We will handle this process for you, so if there is any damage or issue, please message us through the inquiry.

Small Packet


Applicable when registered mail is added (Registered mail will be attached when shipped)

Compensation amount

Up to 6,000JPY $40


In cases where postal items are lost, contents are missing, or items are damaged, international mail will compensate for damages.



Compensation amount

Compensation is up to a maximum of 2 millionJPY $13,289.
The indemnity amount for those without this claim is 20,000JPY $13,289.



You can request compensation for damages during shipping.

The process for filing a claim for lost or damaged cargo

  1. Download the claim form.
  2. Fill in the information.
  3. Gather the necessary documents.
  4. Return the completed claim form and supporting documents to the FedEx Customer Support Team via email, fax, or mail.


    1. Upon receipt of your claim form, we will provide periodic updates on the status of your claim and confirmation of email receipt.
    2. Claims for shortages, damages, delays, etc. must be filed within 21 calendar days from the delivery of the shipment. Additionally, all supporting documents must be generated within 9 months from the package being entrusted to FedEx.
    3. Claims for nondelivery or misdelivery must be filed within 9 months from the package being entrusted to FedEx. All claims will be addressed based on evidence and facts determined during the claim investigation.



    How to file a compensation request

    Contact DHL customer service, provide them with the tracking number, and request an investigation.


    This applies if an investigation is requested and acknowledged by DHL.

    Compensation amount

    The higher of 2,500JPY $16 or 1.2% of the declared value applies.
    The maximum compensation amount is 100% of the shipping cost (including fuel surcharges) plus the declared value on the invoice.


    Compensation and insurance for vehicles

    Standard compensation

    Coverage of compensation

    Marine insurance : Institute Cargo Clauses (A)

    Details of compensation

    If discovered upon arrival overseas, it is not eligible for compensation. However, vehicles using D2D package services are covered in accordance with the claims regulations of each country. There may be exemptions depending on the scope of compensation.

    Limit amount

    imit: NZ$ 15,000,000 per accident
    Invalidation of Marine Comprehensive Insurance Insurance may be invalidated (no compensation can be provided) for risks such as war or strikes. Compensation is not available for cargo passing through the following regions:
    • Red Sea
    • Indian Ocean
    • Bay of Bengal
    • Gulf of Aden
    • South Red Sea

    The defined maritime boundaries are as follows.

    • Northwest: Red Sea, south of latitude 18°S 
    • Northeast: From the Yemeni border to latitude 16°38.5'N, longitude 53°6.5'E, to the sea 14°55'N, longitude 53°50'E
    • East: Defined by a line from the sea at 14°55’N and longitude 53°50’E to the sea at 10°48’N and longitude 60°15’E, and then to the sea at 6°45’S and longitude 48°45’E.
    • Southwest: From the Somali border to latitude 1°40'S and longitude 41°34'E, extending to the sea at 6°45'S and longitude 48°45'E.


    Optional insurance

    Marine insurance will be provided by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance.
    Additional cost + 700JPY

    (Per certificate) Minimum insurance premium (actual cost) 3,000JPY
    (Approximately: up to CIF amount of 1.6 millionJPY $10,631)