Payment and refunds

Payments and refunds vary depending on the product and the situation.

Payment methods

It depends on whether it's a vehicle or parts and accessories.

Parts and accessories

You can proceed with your order on this site and make payment using your credit card.
Additionally, we also accept payments through PayPal and Wise.


For vehicles, it is not possible to pay by credit card on this site.
We accept payment by bank transfer with full payment in advance.


Refund conditions

We do not accept refunds for vehicles, parts, or accessories, so please ensure you are purchasing the desired product type before completing your purchase.

In the event of accidents during shipping, please consider the insurance provided by the shipping company or optional insurance for the vessel.

About cars?

Can I send the car to my country?

Laws differ depending on the country or region.
Please feel free to contact us here to confirm whether your location is eligible for import.

What procedures are required to purchase a car?

Here you will find information about the purchasing process. please confirm.

How can I pay?

The payment method for the vehicle itself is basically an advance payment by bank transfer.
Credit cards can be used for car parts, etc.

Information about the payment process can be found here. please confirm.

Can I have a mechanic inspect it before loading it onto the ship?

Yes, it is possible to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic in Japan.

(1) You can have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic at the auction venue before bidding at the auction.
(2) After winning the auction, the vehicle can be inspected by a mechanic before being loaded onto the ship.

In both cases, an optional fee will be charged, but if you want to make a purchase with peace of mind, we recommend that you inspect both.

In the case of (2), shipping costs will be added, so it is not recommended for those who want to purchase at the lowest price.

I'm looking for a car model that isn't listed. Could you help me find it in Japan?

Of course, if you have any requests for the model, year, color, condition, etc. of a light truck that is not listed, please feel free to contact us here.

Will I have to pay customs duty when it arrives?

Import duties vary by country.
Please check the details here.

I want a car other than a light truck, what should I do?

We can purchase from 140 auction venues across Japan.
Please feel free to contact us.

About Parts?

What is the shipping company?

Basically, we will deliver via Japan Post, FedEx, and DHL.
These choices vary by country and product.
If you would like to ensure that your order is shipped by your preferred shipping company, please contact us before placing your order.

How many days will it be shipped and how many days will it arrive?

Estimated arrival date varies by country.

All products are shipped from Japan, so it depends on whether the country is close to Japan or not.

As a guide, in the case of America

Japan Post, it will arrive in about 2 weeks after shipping.

FedEx or DHL, it will arrive within 2-3 days from shipment.

These are just plans and may vary depending on the situation at the time.

Will I get a tracking number?

The shipping number will be shared after shipping.
Real-time tracking is not possible with Japan Post, but real-time tracking is possible with FedEx and DHL tracking numbers.
If you wish to have your item shipped by FedEx or DHL, please contact us before placing your order.

Can I return the product?

Information regarding returns can be found here. please confirm.

Can I check if the product is compatible with my car model?

We can also check with the manufacturer to confirm the compatibility of the product with the vehicle model.
Please feel free to contact us here.

Will there be customs duties?

Tariff rates vary depending on the country, product price, product category, and material.
You can check the HS code, which determines the tariff based on the product category, and predict the tariff rate.
For example, in the case of the United States, there is the world tariff information database "WorldTariff" provided by FedEx Trade Networks for a fee.
We also have other services such as ``RULES OF ORIGIN FACILITATOR.''
These can be used to predict tariffs.

Import duties vary by country.
Please check the details here.

How can I pay?

Here you will find details about payment for the item. please confirm.