Process from purchasing vehicles to requesting export


I can see all the items listed in over 140 used car auctions across Japan.
However, there is currently a restriction that only vehicles worth up to 3 million yen ($19,981), 3.3 million yen ($21,980), and 5 million yen ($33,303) can be won in a single transaction.
Therefore, I would like you to know that we only accept vehicles with winning bids of 3 million yen ($19,981) or 5 million yen ($21,980) or less.

Items listed as auctions cannot be viewed the next day.
Even items listed as dealer sales are often purchased by others relatively quickly.
If you find a vehicle you like, you need to apply for purchase immediately.
It's best to assume that it won't be available the next day.


The process of purchasing

  1. First, I will ask you what you want (car model/year/other details).

  2. I will reply with data on this month's market price.

  3. I assess your budget and balance it with the condition and price of the vehicle to determine your acceptable range.
  4. Once we understand your budget and acceptable range, you'll transfer the budgeted amount to our company's bank.  ※The payment operates on a deposit system. You'll need to make a full advance payment for the vehicle purchase price, shipping costs, and any other fees upfront. Any remaining balance will be refunded after the export is completed.
  5. I will inform you about the auction information scheduled for the next day and the dealer sales prices listed.
  6. Please let me know immediately if you find a vehicle within your budget that you're interested in.
  7. I'll promptly place bids or submit purchase requests.
  8. Once the bid is successful or the purchase is confirmed, I will immediately inform you and arrange for shipping.
  9. After the export is completed, we will refund any remaining funds to you from our company, or you can choose to leave it as credit for your next purchase.


Vehicle Details Confirmation

About vehicles at auction

You can opt for an on-site inspection service. If you wish to verify details such as the engine condition or any scratches, please request this service.

The fee for auction inspection service is $7. For a LIVE viewing via ZOOM or FaceTime, it is $14.

Inspections are scheduled during daylight hours in Japan, following your request. So, after confirming the inspection or LIVE session, you can decide whether to proceed with the purchase immediately or not.


About vehicles sold at wholesale prices

You cannot confirm details like the engine condition. You must rely solely on the photos and listing information provided.


About all vehicles

After winning the auction, it's possible to request optional photos to be taken at the yard (during parking) before loading onto the ship. These photos can be used for final verification and can also be used for listing on the e-commerce site after import. Since the vehicle has already been won at this stage, no refunds are possible. This is to understand at which point such a condition occurred and also to consider changing plans if it's deemed better to resell the vehicle in Japan rather than exporting it.
Photos taken at the yard cost 1,000JPY $7.


Actual Costs

Please contact us for costs.

About the winning bid price of the vehicle

The market price of winning bids changes weekly.
It is possible to display a list of market prices for that month.
First, I will ask you your wishes such as "car model/year/other specifications".
After that, I will send you the data of the market price at that time.


About payment of expenses

We only accept advance payment by bank transfer.


About delivery

I'm explaining it here.
please confirm.


What customers need to do before and after importing

Our company can only arrange shipment up to shipping in Japan.
Once you arrive at the local port, you will be responsible for arranging your own vehicle.
Therefore, before purchasing a vehicle, please contact the company that transports it from the port of arrival to your home.

Once the shipment is completed, we will send you the related documents in a DHL or FedEx envelope. It will arrive in 1 to 5 business days.
At the same time, we will send information about the ship to your email address.
As soon as you have information about the ship, please inform the company making the arrangements from the port.