How can I buy light trucks from Japan?

Do you want to buy a car with confidence and peace of mind about its condition?
Or do you want to buy for a lower price?


  • If you want to purchase with confidence and peace of mind about the condition of the car

After purchasing the vehicle at an auction in Japan, it is possible for the car dealer/mechanic working with us to inspect and issue a certificate in Japan before loading the vehicle onto a ship.
Before loading onto the ship, check the locations specified by the customer and photos.
After the car arrives in your country of residence, it will be inspected by our affiliated car dealer/mechanic.
The price will be a little higher because there will be round-trip shipping and handling fees from the auction to the car dealer/mechanic in Japan and overseas, but you can have a worry-free transaction.

  •  If you want to purchase at a lower price

You can purchase at the lowest price without any optional shipping or handling charges.

Which do you choose, peace of mind or price?