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1998 Suzuki Carry Track

1998 Suzuki Carry Track

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🚚 Unleash the Power of Productivity with Our Suzuki Carry – Your Compact Cargo Solution!

Are you a visionary farmer or a landowner seeking a reliable companion for transporting goods across vast expanses? Look no further! Our Suzuki Carry is designed for those who need to move goods efficiently, with the added charm of compact versatility.

🌟 Key Features:

➀ Suzuki | ➁ Carry | ③ 1998 Model | ④ Only 48,000 km | ⑤ Elegant White

Introducing the 1998 Suzuki Carry, a low-mileage wonder designed to simplify your cargo transportation needs. In a timeless white finish, this truck isn't just a vehicle; it's a testament to the synergy of form and function.

🕹️ ⑥ Manual Transmission | ⑦ Fuel: Gasoline | ⑧ 650cc 2WD

Navigate with precision using the manual transmission and experience the efficiency of the 650cc engine. The 2WD capability ensures agility, making it your perfect partner for maneuvering through small roads and tight spaces.

❄️ ⑨ Equipped with Air Conditioning | 🔒 ⑩ 2-Door Configuration

Beat the heat of the day and keep your cargo cool with the built-in air conditioning. The 2-door configuration ensures quick and easy access to the spacious cargo area, enhancing your loading and unloading efficiency.

🔧 ⑬ No Repair History | Auction Rating: 3.5 (Interior: B)

Trust in the reliability of our Suzuki Carry, with no repair history and an impressive auction rating of 3.5. While showcasing minimal wear, such as a well-maintained interior rated as B, it retains its original charm and functionality. Some areas may exhibit signs of rust, adding character to its durable construction.

🌐 Why Choose Our Suzuki Carry?

Compact, reliable, and ready for the demands of your land or farm, the Suzuki Carry is your ticket to efficient cargo transport. Join the league of satisfied owners who appreciate the perfect blend of Japanese engineering and versatility.

🛒 Order Now and Experience the Efficiency of Suzuki Carry! 🚀

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