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POWER LED PW25 S25 900lm 6500K

POWER LED PW25 S25 900lm 6500K

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POWER LED PW25 S25 900lm 6500K Non-polar type 1 year warranty Compatible with HV PHEV EV idling stop vehicle Compatible with safety standards Omnidirectional LED lighting Small Compact

Description of item
・Cyberstalk LED S25 type 6500K equivalent, PW25 (1 bulb included).
・The entire body is made of "original hybrid new material" that dissipates heat throughout the valve and is extremely lightweight. Moreover, it is easy to process, making it possible to create a compact design. This is an LED that achieves both long life and best-in-class brightness.
・2.5 times brighter than the original bulb! It is a "+-non-polar" type.
・Even though it is a high lumen bulb of 900lm, it is smaller than the original bulb. Achieved amazing compactness.
・We also have light trucks with one light bulb, cold-weather specification cars, and precious old cars! It is much easier to see and provides "safety and security."
・Reliable product that complies with safety standards (vehicle inspection compatible) and comes with a 1-year warranty.
Main uses
・Back lamp, work light, corner lamp white bulb, back fog lamp white bulb
Size: S25
Color temperature: 6500K
Compatible voltage: 12-17V
Power consumption: 6.8W
・Idling stop vehicle
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